Revamp Research & Consulting focuses on providing educational institutions with knowledge, strategic direction, and assistance in achieving their goals.


Revamp Research & Consulting is all about offering strategic guidance and knowledge to Educational Institutions. Our main mission is to assist institutions in operating more effectively and achieving their goals.


Through these services, we aim to enable schools to focus on their primary goal of delivering high-quality instruction while ensuring efficient and effective administrative procedures.

We will offer thorough administrative process evaluation, identifying gaps in service and bottlenecks within the school. Our experts will assess data management systems, paper flow, communication avenues, and decision-making protocols to streamline processes, eliminate duplication, and reduce administrative costs. improving education.

We will assist educational institutions in technology integration by automating and streamlining repetitive operations. Our team will evaluate the existing technological infrastructure and provide creative recommendations based on the institution's requirements and financial constraints.

We will empower school workers through focused training programs and workshops, recognizing that an organisation's success relies on its workforce.

Our experts will identify areas where processes can be automated to save time and resources. By using technology to reduce manual intervention, we will implement customised solutions that minimise errors, save time, and enhance overall operational effectiveness.  

We will collaborate with schools to develop simple rules and procedures tailored to their unique needs, while ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.


We are committed to helping educational institutions improve their business practices and carry out seamless and effective school operations. Schools can concentrate on their main objective of providing high-quality education while reaping the advantages of reduced administrative procedures by utilising our knowledge and creative approach.

Let us help your school achieve its goals while fostering a climate that supports learning and success for all students.

We write SOPs to school for all the profiles available like Roles, Responsibilities, duties and how roles and responsibilities are to be done.

Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs, are written step-by-step instructions that specify what must be done to complete particular jobs or procedures within an organisation. They act as a manual for staff members to guarantee uniformity, effectiveness, and adherence to set practices and rules.

SOPs specify best practices, list expected results, and give precise directions on how to carry out particular duties. They aid in streamlining processes, cutting down on errors, boosting output, and upholding quality standards.


Our vision’s core goal is to develop a complete solution that meets the various needs of schools.

We explain to the schools about streamlining of both Administrative and Academic activities like HR activities, Admissions Process, Students Data Management, Inventory Management, Finance Activities, Annual lesson Plans, Academic Year Calendar and many more with the help of our all-inclusive solution.

In the future, we see schools utilizing data-driven Insights to continuously enhance their instructional strategies.

Our organization’s aim is to transform education by giving schools a comprehensive, integrated solution that meets all of their demands.


Your systems will become more transparent if you choose us.

Work will go in an ordered manner.

Enhancing the security and safety of all parties involved.

Enhancing the tracking mechanism.

It prevents the school administrators from reaching wiser conclusions.


Sahith Bandi, An expert in the school education system with over 10+ years of experience in Educational Institutions holding various positions at different levels in various organizations.

He served on the school student council for over 5 years, holding numerous positions. He owns a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce that helped him become the Dean of Student Welfare.

He owns a Master’s Degree in Finance and Marketing that helped him to work as an Administrative Head (Registrar) of a school for a couple of years.

Along the way, he assisted the school in thoroughly developing their SOP(standard operating procedure).

With his vast knowledge and expertise gained over the years, he decided to start his own research and consulting firm to assist schools in running in an organized manner.


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